Saturday, March 26, 2011

Given the way life has been going lately, photo opportunities have been non-existent (or I've forgotten my camera!!). So I've been trying my hand at digital art journals....and it's admittedly been a bit of a struggle. My scrapbooking mentality could, for the most part, be likened to a phrase that was hammered into our heads at work: A place for everything and everything in its place. These art journals, I'm finding, are not like or about that at all. The messier and more random they are, the more visually interesting they become. I've found that I get to a certain place and then become stumped on how to keep I just move on to the next one in hopes that repetition and studying others work will help me in my journey to learn this new to me art form. And yes...I realize some of these are strikingly similar to the BluntCard style. Totally intentional...I love BluntCard and perhaps they'll stumble upon my blog, see these, and offer me a lucrative deal to design them at home in my pajamas!!

So here's a second installment....again a warning that the content may be offensive to some, but it's my blog and as my curly squirrelly friend LO would say..."I do what I want".

Credits...oh geez...forgot about that part! Will start in my next post...promise!!

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